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Written by Official Blog · Unknown date

Hello there. This will be the Announcements page. Announcements will show up below in boxes. Thanks for listening.

Ownership Update

ViviTron is here. New

Posted 4/7/2021 by ViviTron

Basically I'm the owner of this whole thing now, thank you very much, and yes. Wowza. Danjaye is working away at things and stuff, so basically, that's what's happening. Before I end this post I would like to thank Dan for all of this. 1 He did a hell of a lot of work for UserData. Then gave me UserBlogs. Dan is an amazing friend. One who me and many others can trust. He shown me many people who have become friends. He has Built a chat room website for himself and me. Thank you Dan. You are the best!!!

Interjection Beta

Added by Danjaye

What he says is true. This entire thing is now his. Idk why, I'm bored. Also he wants to do something big, and that's my shtick. I help people who want to do something, actually do something, unlike my lazy ass that builds entire platforms and then sleeps all day, forgetting the damned thing...

So now UserBlogs is getting a dark theme, forever. And a HUGE UI update. Incredible. Wow. And yeah.

Website Updates

Update 4 - The Megapatch

Posted 3/25/2021 by Danjaye

It's been a really long time since I've posted an update here. The reason for this is, well, I'm not really sure. Impressive how it's been over three months though, huh? There's been a lot of changes since then, so let me wrap up the main points tidily:

Posting Update

In case anyone missed it— It's true. You can now post. Exciting, huh? I never thought that it'd happen, but now it finally did. It's cool that the blogging website/posting website has finally sorta become that, or at least now has the potential to become that.

If you're excited and pumped up to try out this so-called posting, then go ahead and visit either Write or the Posts page and start up a new doc. When I add comments, feel free to send me your stories.

New chatroom

I added a shiny new chatroom for people to talk and have fun in. It served as a pretty good starting point and reference point to how I'll setup comments and such. Go ahead and check that out! When I add user login and stuff, you'll be able to chat with your own pic. Verification isn't guaranteed, though.

New styling

During some strange period of time, I added borders (which made for some weird designs) over the course of the last few weeks or months. They look terrible, so I went ahead and removed those.

Now the entire page is very sleek and shiny, even more so than how it was in the past. So you can surf past all the blog posts and things and enjoy the aesthetic pleasures that it'll provide. For some more context, I'll list the items below.

Snips & Scripts

I've also updated quite a lot of JavaScript and PHP, and have made some changes to the site and how people can interact with it. Since there is no other place to list these changes along with their reasons, I'll just put them below.

This was done in order to better strengthen the security and integrity of the site. Running PHP code on the webserver could cause serious damage, since an attacker could simply print credential values and several other segments of private data.

Website Updates

Update 3 (massive)

Posted 12/2/2020 by Danjaye

I'm happy to say that many new changes have been made. Here's a few of them:

Button update

Buttons now look different! They get a cool little outline when you hover over them, and generally look way better than they did in the past.

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User updates, data updates, and more

We've updated multiple things regarding data and trends. We've added interpuncts, views, and user outlines. Eventually we'll add even cooler options, maybe even a subscription badge.

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Posted by User

As you've asked, we've added this little user outline. Cheers. We'll most likely also change 'Written by' to 'Posted by' in the future, as depicted here.

As this site grows, it'll become more crowded. However, the decorations and structures involved within this site have been optimized towards growth. We thank you for sticking with us and helping us grow as a community and movement.

Even more

There's a lot more that's changed— so much, in fact, that I can't list it all here. You can notice all the different changes simply by surfing our site. They're not entirely noticeable if you've just found out about us, but if you're a veteran user, you should be able to trace them pretty quick.

Again, thanks for sticking with us. It means a lot to our team.


Website Updates

Update 2 (huge)

Posted 10/20/2020 by Danjaye

This site has a lot to change. A hell of a lot. There's tons of things that I'm gonna add, and have added. For example, the Users page is now entirely jammed-out. So is the Posts page. Go ahead and check them out, it's a real cool update. One of the most important notes I'd like to add is that the entire page is getting a more modern look, real soon. It's gonna have more color, which is one of the most requested features so far. Also, you can now post media on the website. Anonymously, of course. Let's break down the new features into sections.

The Users Page

This page is now completely new, no longer featuring a boring line of grey text. It's now alive and jiving, with new CSS animations and color schemes. It also provides the user's profile pic and the badges they've recieved. It also leaves a short description (if the user has set up a portfolio). I'm thinking about adding some new stuff, like... well, I don't really know.


Some new changes made to the Payments page includes font size, and that's pretty much it. But soon, trust me, you'll be able to enable advertisements on your posts. When I actually get it working, that is. I'm not exactly sure how much you'll earn-- I guess it more depends on how many users get on the site itself-- but you'll still be earning a few cents or so. Especially if you make captivating stories that entrance the reader and-- well, you know what I mean.

Further details regarding payments - You'll get about 85% of the profit from your stories. We'll get the other 15%, so that we can keep this site going.

Changelog for week 3

- Huge overhaul

UI Changes

- Updated scrollbar

- Updated header

- Updated Users and Posts page

- More general updates

Functionality changes

- Updated Sign-Up page

- Updated Support Search

Audit list currently under development


Website Updates

Users Rework

Posted 9/30/2020 by Danjaye

New update. The users page is getting a rework. You'll be able to see their pictures, some disclosure, and be able to visit from there. Soon there will be recommendations, as well.


Website Updates

The PHP Update

Posted 9/30/2020 by Danjaye

Hi there, kids. Ok, it's time for some announcements. Uh, well... for example, uh... we switched to PHP. Cool. Uh, there's also a new feature we're seeing about... uh... a cool little outline for users... like this, below.

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Written by Username

Pretty cool, huh? Not really? Well, it's kinda exciting. Different, at least. If you guys like it, we'll add it to the thing.

Some important things I'd like to note are some cool changes we've made to the website. For example, gray outlines are now rounded, and portfolios were added. Don't know what a portfolio is? Click here. But the point is, changes are coming. Big changes. Most of this website-- who am I kidding, ALL of this website-- is in beta. So we're working on things. Sit tight and soon enough, we'll be cruising the waves.